Thursday, August 6, 2009

Date nights and Car Accidents

Yesterday was just one of those days. I have an entire week and a half off of work, and I'm enjoying the quiet time with James ( who has roughly that same amount of time in port). I truly treasure the simple conversations and the giggling that we share as newlyweds. It seems that whenever we are together there is always something to laugh at, it's kept my spirits up even when I know that he will be leaving again soon. At least I get to look forward to more inside jokes and exciting events when he returns. We decided that last night would be date-night. Though really, every night this week has been date night. It's almost like a honeymoon. I've saved up this paycheck so we have plenty of money and we enjoy going out and doing things that we don't get to do as often as we should. Simple things like walking around the mall (which always leads us to a video game store - or Barnes and Noble, both of our weaknesses), or going out to dinner. Last night was no exception. Red Lobster, followed by a quick trip to Target (me) and Game Stop (him) and then to Chucky Cheese for a birthday party. We only stayed an hour or so before we had to get back for a movie!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It's very funny. It is a bit lacking in excitement, but it definitely gives a big finish and the anticipation for the next movie that it should. James loved it as well. We both had a blast even though the movie theaters are lousy and we pay tons of money to sit in seats where you can't see past the person in front of you. I guess not everywhere can be as great as Utah when it comes to movies. It's just about my one complaint with the area here in Washington. Really lame Movie Theaters.

After the show it was around 10 and we were headed back using the back roads. I hate driving on the freeway at night. I feel blinded by the oncoming cars in my little escort, and though the thing runs like a trooper, I just don't like the mild panic when you literally can't see a foot in front of your windsheild. The back roads are a little better, though as I turned onto one of the roads near our house, a lady decided to exit the parking lot of a gas station right in front of me. Smart. We came within about 2 inches of her passenger side door before I was able to swerve slightly to the side and into the parking lot of the local bar, dodging parked vehicles and pedestrians alike and stopping. Completely white knuckled and terrified. The lady in the other car didn't even look at me. I'm sure she was embarassed, but I was worried more for her safety. Was she okay? James and I were in one piece after the near collision, but was she? Apparently: she drove off without a second thought for me in my little car. Nice.

It's been a long time since I was in a near accident and I hope that it's another long time before I'm in another one. I couldn't shop shaking on the way home, even though James assured me that had we hit her he would have made sure to break a bone so that he could be kept home from this underway. Blast. Is it healthy for a couple to cheer injuries? Probably not, but I know we aren't the only ones that do it, I think it must be a military thing. Either way, I'm glad that James and I are safe, and am more than greatful that we just replaced the brakes on the escort. This is the second time that little car has saved me, I think it will have a home with us forever. Thanks Dad. :) I guess no matter where you are, you are always watching out for your little girl. Sometimes it takes an accident to bring out focus on what's important. James and I are safe and healthy, and that's all that matters - as James said: "Objects are replaceable, you aren't." Buckle up everyone! Love,

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Urban Domestics said...

Whoa! Glad to hear you are all right. And, glad to hear that James is home. He's right, both of you are more precious than any car or anything else. Miss you and love you, mom and dad.