Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blog Prisoners - UNITE!

So much has happened since my last post. I started feeling overwhelmed and behind on updates. My pictures keep stacking up on the camera and in the meantime absolutely nothing gets done. Well.. I'm a blog prisoner no more! I'm liberating myself by doing an all inclusive update. And then I can start with a clean slate. I know that others of you have the same problem, so... I'm encouraging you to do the same. Shed the shackles of Blog Blues... and be free. Like me! :) Sooo, Update number one:

I no longer have a roommate!
My sweet Marissa actually left a few months ago to head back to Utah. I miss her lots but it was good to get a few days with James to myself when he got home. Which leads to update number two!

James was home for a whooole month.
We went to Seattle for Sushi, got a pet peacock (not purposefully it adopted us for a few days before it moved on to a neighbor who lives a few houses behind us.) We bought an X-box 360 and a new 40 inch TV - all James's idea of course. I think he's pretty happy to show off his new "toys". So I couldn't help but throw in a little snippet about it. I'm sure I'll get pictures up soon... cause the entertainment stand is beautiful...

We got a NEW roommate!
Derek Nichols is one of the guys on James's boat, and they work together in the same division. He's made a fun addition to the family. Because they are only going to be in port for two months of this entire year he didn't want to waste money on an apartment and instead decided to crash in our extra room. He may just have a matress on the floor and an old dresser, but he has a place to stay with nice people who care about his well being. He seems pleased to be apart of our little family, and James and I love having him around. I have a feeling that this arrangement will lead to having a life-long friend. Having a roommate isnt' too bad - especially because he doesn't mind being kicked out occasionally so that James and I can have our alone time. ;) Which probably happens more often than not! We fondly call him the family pet.

I got a Promotion!
For those of you who don't know I work for a company called: Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting. ( Check out the website @ ) I'm officially a pet sitter, and now I'm also the Client Coordinator! This means I handle all customer service and set up jobs from scratch. Its a lot of fun but -really- busy, and I'm sure if you talk to me regularly you've heard me complain about it. Really though I have a wonderful job and I get paid to make sure that animals are taken care of.

My Horsie is coming in August!
I have a horse. Her name is Red. She lives in Utah, and I live in Washington. Well.... Not much longer! I found her a great barn called "Painted Valley Farms" and it's wonderful. The people are great and I found a fantastic price to get her shipped out here. YAY!

James lost a bunch of weight!
I figured that if -I- had lost a bunch of weight, I would probably blog about it, so I should do the same for my adorable husband. He had a busy underway for the first half of this year and while he was gone he started working out and never looked back. He lost over 3 inches around his already svelt frame, which left me wondering where on earth my husband went?! I'm not complaining though - he's always been cute. Now he's just that much better. ;)

Well, that just about rounds out the most important things, so I guess I'll say farewell until tomorrow... or later on this week as I already have a blog idea that I know I'm going to do. Hope you enjoyed reading my updates as much as I enjoyed being liberated from my chains...

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