Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Festivities... and DDR.

I had a great Easter with my spiffy friends who made just about the most scrumptious dinner. Between Jenny's ham, Raymond's honey-butter, my rolls, and Tina's cheesecake we were ah... well, we were all full within about 5 minutes. But all the rest of the food LOOKED delicious. And we all pined about the fact that we were too full to eat it.

So after our meal.. we decided that we should burn off the added calories and busted out the wii fit. I WISH I had my camera for that, but I didn't make that mistake twice and made sure to pick it up later that night for DDR. For those of you less electronically minded... you may know this as "Dance Dance Revolution." Or as I like to call it: "Dance Dance Ridiculous!" It was fun! Haha, I had forgotten how absolutely crazy that game gets, and we were only playing it on beginner! It made me long for the days when I used to be able to tear those mats apart with my mad "dancing" skills. It's been a long time... apparently. Because the only thing I was tearing were my pants when I fell all over myself (I didnt' really tear my pants.. I wore stretchy ones.. for ease of movement). Raymond ducked out early, so we made it a girls night and took some time getting some good pictures... it took awhile....

Hmmm.. not quite...

Ah.. Nope!

Definitely Not

FINALLY! A cute pic!

It was the perfect end to a fun day!

1 comment:

Tina said...

we should do that agian sometime, it was such a blast.
but wow do I look like crap there, Ewwww.