Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog stalker... that's me!

So the other day while I was meandering between all the blogs on my list for the umpteenth time I discovered that several of my regular stops had tracers. Curious, I scrolled down the list of "hits" where it says the name of a the fellow blogger each time they look at your site only to see that my name showed up more than anyone elses.

This particular friend isn't one that I'm close to, she just leaves hillarious posts and I enjoy to browse. She also updates rather regularly, so I find myself stopping in several times a day to read up on her witty remarks.

Well.. that's weird! I didn't think of myself as a someone who browses blogs that often! This must be some mistake! I don't have that much time... do I? A careful exam of all the similar apps on my friends and families blogs have the same result.

I'm a Blog Stalker.

I found that it's making me incredibly shy! I find myself making sure I'm not logged in so that I can sneak around the blasted app so that people don't know that I reading up on them. But how creepy is that?! I'm practically sulking around in the bushes!

Well.. I'm not hiding any longer! I am a Blog Stalker, and I'm proud of it! Well.. who am I kidding.. I'll still probably sneak a bit, but at least you all know now that i'm doing it. And I will not EVER add such an app to my account.

Fellow blog stalkers, come and go as you wish!

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Jacob and Elise said...

Yikes! what an awful application! at least for all us creepy blog stalkers... hah.