Friday, April 3, 2009

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES... well.. sort of.

First off, my husband is cute:

Secondly, I learned how to shoot guns!

Thirdly, It was my birthday, and I have great friends!

Fourth, My husband remembered my birthday too!

Fifth, I went to Forks!

And La Push

I adopted some kids.. so that I could get pictures of them

And last.. but definitely not least, I HAD A BLAST!

This spring has pretty much rocked my socks so far. If I don't get to hole up in the house with my favorite new series (shout out to Sookie Stackhouse!) then I spend my time exploring my beautiful Washington. I'm only a few months into James's deployment, and I miss him like crazy. Still no contact from his end though this was expected. For now I just occupy my time by staying busy and trying not to sulk. I'm doing a pretty good job so far!

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