Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updates and Manchester State Park

Well, I've been really neglecting my poor blog, since it's already been two months since new years! Where has the time gone? James is back out to sea, and I've been spending most of my time just hanging out with my new roommate! Marissa Curtis moved in with me into our spare room. She was my roommate back in college and happened to find an internship here in Washington. So while she keeps me sane, I drag her all over exploring Washington's coast. Last weekend we hit up Port Gamble and then stopped by a place to eat called the "Grub Hut" It was great! And this weekend we took a trip to Manchester where we saw: A deer, an eagle, a camel, and starfish! And tons of Green anemones that I'm sure we squished while we were trying to climb over the rocks. We had a blast! Here are just a few pictures to keep everyone occupied!

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Lacy said...

good fun! I love all the starfish, they are huge and all different colors, awesome. make sure you find the troll village and salt creek is neat too. I remember that place from when i was like 7, and they have old bunkers and everything to explore.