Monday, January 5, 2009

New years shananigans

For New Years this year we spent a lot of the evening at home before we went over to Dale and Tina's where Ray and Jenny and their friend Sheila came over. It was so fun! I love my friends, they are fantastic people! James and I had out our sparkling cider and demonstrated that you don't have to drink to have fun. We had a blast playing Guitar Hero and just chatting with eachother until we finally headed home around 1:00. I have wonderful neighbors. I hope everyone had a great holiday!
I think James stole the show when it came to the pictures, he is such a cutie!


Jeri said...

Hi Sweetie!

Love your blog! You are a great writer. I'm really proud of you and the life you are creating for yourself.

Love, Mom

Tina said...

Seriously You guys are the best, we really gotta hang out more. I miss ya. HAHAHAHA like I didn't see ya earlier.