Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night, I'm cozy and snuggled up in bed beside my husband when I'm awoken by what I swear is a woman's voice. Groggy, I sit up in bed, heart pounding, holding my breath before there it is again! A loud "BEEEP" followed by a very distinct woman's voice coming over what sounds like a mega-phone. "MURRRABBERTY." (to my muffled-still asleep brain... I swear it was nothing more than a jumble of letters)

What? did I hear that right? Still incredibly nervous I tiptoe to our door, and notice that the power is out! No light in the house and our flashlights are downstairs. Still moving like a snail I make it to the stairs... "BEEEEEEP!!!" "LOW BATTERY!"

I jumped, easily a mile high and very nearly tumble down the stairs, but miraculously manage to stable myself before it all suddenly makes sense. Was that our smoke alarm? They -talk- now?! Sure enough, just as I get to the base of the stairs. "BEEEP!!" "LOW BATTERY!"

I dug out the flashlight and then managed to drag myself back upstairs to get my husband. He wasn't happy but after realizing how annoying it was he figured that it was worth a shot to attempt to fix it. With me holding the flashlight he managed to open up the battery slot only to see that it is a 9 volt... something that we definitely didn't have a replacement for. The nearest store doesn't open until 10:00AM it was 1:00AM. So what to do? Go back to bed apparently and attempt to shut out the stupid woman trilling at us from the base of our stairs.

Needless to say... it was a ROUGH night. With no end in sight, I'm heading back up to bed to try and catch up on a few hours of missed sleep. Why don't smoke alarms have volume buttons? And who on earth decided to teach them how to talk?

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Jacob and Elise said...

oh kara. I'm so glad I've discovered your blog (with no help from YOU, might I add...) And I'm also glad that now I have the vision of you waking up to "MURRRABBERTY". Because it makes me smile. And cry for you a little. but mostly smile :)