Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas lights and a new bow!

I got a new bow put on my tree because the other one had some serious issues (see below). So I went out and bought the ribbon and I made it myself! Isn't it pretty?! In the pictures it really looks like the purple of the ribbon clashes with the purple on the tree, but in reality it looks beautiful and I am the envy of all my neighbors. Not that that matters or anything... I mean, we all know that Christmas is the season of giving and such. ;) Ah what the heck, I'm going to enjoy my smugness while it lasts! Our tree is beautiful!

I also put some pictures of our place with the Christmas lights on it, though we couldn't get a good pic... at least you'll be able to see what the townhouse looks like.


Jenn Allphin said...

Very pretty tree! What a great 1st Christmas together! We miss you guys. Love you.

Lenton said...

Cute tree with dazzling and shining christmas lights. thanks for sharing a nice story... love reading it.