Monday, December 15, 2008

The power of observation...

Tonight we had some surprise visitors! The missionaries stopped by because James had given them a referral and they wanted to know if they could teach him over at our house because he lives on Base. Of course we agreed, and then because it was P-day for the Missionaries, they hung out with us for some of the night for hot chocolate and good conversation. It was so fun to have them in our house!

After the other nights "Backpack" incident (see entry below) I felt that it would be unfair to James not to include this little morsel of humor given to us by one of the Elders, who shall remain last-nameless to protect his identity.

James and the Elder were sitting on the long couch (he was roughly in the same position as James in the picture below) and James asked about a cup I had out on the glass table.

"Honey? Why is this cup here?"

Me: "I was using it to water the tree."

The Elder, sitting quietly until this point starts looking around the room questioningly before asking.

"What tree?"


It didn't take him long to figure out his mistake, though in all honesty I was laughing too hard to do anything other than point at our tree. And as an afterthought, I never really thought that anyone could turn that red.

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Erica said...

It's a guy thing. That just shows that it's all guys.... not some guys. And once again, I am not alone in this problem.