Friday, December 5, 2008

Airport Adventures

For Thanksgiving, James and I got to go to Utah to visit my family! We had a blast and were so grateful to be able to spend time with those we love during the holidays. It was nice, however, to return back home on the 3rd to enjoy the last day of his leave together. My friend Alyssa was kind enough to come pick us up from the airport. The following conversation ensued:

"Hey 'Lyss, yeah, we are just here at the Delta sign. So just follow around, I think it's the third to last one." (As a side note... I've done this bit a lot, thus why I have the airport memorized)

At about that time, I hang up the phone and an older Indian (from India) man approached in full turban and all and started asking us questions. I declined the taxi ride that I thought he was offering, only to meet his confused eyes. He asks his question again, slower.

"No. Do. You. Have. A. Cellular. Phone." Seems simple enough but in my defense he had a -really- heavy accent and I only figured it when he pronounced Cellular with almost 6 syllables.

"OH! Yeah.. ah... I have a phone..." I was a bit nervous at this point but I knew he had just seen me talking on it and would have felt bad lying.

"Caaan I maaake a caallll on eeeet? Mah daauugghhtah eees supposed too bee heah to get me." he inquired to which, after a moment of translative thought I tugged out my phone and asked her number. No way was I going to let him make some call to an India area code or something.

He told me the number and I punched it in, relieved to hear a Washington area code, and then... I handed over my phone. YEP! My precious phone to a complete stranger! His conversation was short and in a different language but he hung up and handed the phone back and aside from refusing to meet my eyes he was incredibly kind and a few minutes later I saw him pass back by with a lovely Indian woman.

It made me wonder though, just how many people he had to ask before someone would allow him to use their phone. It made me happy that I was able to help him... in spite of my misgivings about the situation.

ANYWAY, on to the funny stuff.

So after the Indian man left I turned back to James who was looking particularly contemplative.

"What is it honey?" I'm curious as always.

"Well... I was just noticing sweetie that there isn't a Delta sign anywheres (yes he said anywheres) near us."

I blink sweetly and casually look straight above our heads at the HUGE sign.

"Oh really? Really? There isn't one -anywhere- here?" He finally looks up and offers the adorably sheepish smile that I love so well.

"Ah.. Heh. Heh. This stays between us."

Apparently he had looked both backward and forward and, seeing no Delta on either of the signs surrounding us, assumed that I had been mistaken in our positioning. I found it charmingly adorable, and we both had a good laugh afterwards. And for the record, he eventually gave me permission to put it on my blog.

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