Saturday, December 20, 2008


The following conversation took place between 6:10-6:11 PM


A lowered voice comes over the line.

"Meet us out back at 8:30."

"8:30? What--"

"Dress warm."

The following pictures were taken between 8:30 and 10:00 PM

YEP! I'm officially a part of the Secret Sledding Society!

Tina, Jenny and I met out back while their kids slept or were watched by their dad. James even got in on the fun, though he was NOT dressed for it. We had a BLAST! I guess there is a bit of a bonus to all of the hills here in Washington. LET IT SNOW!


Tina said...

So last night was a blast. Too bad you dont have any pictures of us going down the hill or landing. So do you want to help build a snowman today? Just kidding I want to go sledding agian.

Tina said...

Yes I know I already commented, but I'm hoping for snow. Just so we can do this agian. We HAVE to!