Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Frisby - pardon me - DISC Golf

This weekend one of my best friends from high school brought his wife over to have a date night with James and I!

Let me preface by explaining that several weeks ago, while mom and dad were here, we all managed to stumble on a Frisby Golf course located just a few minutes (literally like, 2 minutes) from our house! That day we all had a great time following the course and getting lost between Tee's trying to stay out of the avid Frolfers ( thanks Meghan) way.

We were able to tag along with a group - who demonstrated the art of Frolfing - only to find out that they didn't use frisbies at all!

"Oh yeah, you use these disc's" our host explained, showing off his slightly flatter than average Frisby. "They are only $15 or so at Big Five."

15 bucks? For a frisby? I think not! No no, I will be a Frolfer, I thought to myself, pocketing this information for later. Afterall, how much of a difference can a 'disc' really make?

This weekend, with Mike and Meghan in tow, James and I decided to try out our new found hobby, using $1 frisbies from Wallmart. Oblivious to the etiquette we tromped right into the course and got started, lining up at Tee one and looking for the little chain basket ahead. I went first, Aiming and launching my purply frisby into the air... only to see it plummet about 10 feet in front of me.

Huh. Was I always this bad at frisby?

Mike, Meghan and James, lined up and didn't have much more success. Behind us, an avid group of Disc Golfers (Dolfers) were waiting for us to move on to the next tee. A bit embarrassed, I picked up my frisby and launched it again. With the same result. Impatient, the group behind us, stood at the starting point and watched. Eventually we got our frisbies into the basket and rushed to Tee Two. At our back a disc wizzed through the air and landed just a scant few feet from the hole.

"He almost just got a chain in one." James mumbled under his breath, looking a bit frantic. I think we were all feeling the pressure. we picked up our pace - hardly even pausing for others to throw as we crept forward 10-20 feet at a time, all the while the Dolfers waiting behind us. We finished Two, and went to Three... definitely rushed now - jogging to our frisbies and trying every possible technique to improve. James and Mike got pretty good... the girls were definitely slacking - but we were getting better! The group behind us - went back to tee one... trying to kill time. By Tee Four, the professional Disk Golfers were waiting on us... again, having managed to complete the first two Tee's before we finished Three, and we broke into a full out Frisby Golf Assault - adding rules like a mandatory 10 steps forward between every throw, and not caring who threw when so long as we were all hurrying. Needless to say, the front nine couldn't go by fast enough before we tucked our tails and took the walk of shame back to the car. In spite of the pressure - I think we all had a blast. Though I don't think I'll be returning with a frisby any time soon.

Maybe $15 isn't so bad afterall...

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