Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Obviously I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been inclined to start blogging again if only to try and document this crazy little journey we call life. It was fun going back through previous blog posts, and I decided that I would like to be able to do that in the future.  No idea how often I will post,  or if i will ever post again,  but we had an adventure today that was worth documenting.

So this year for Christmas we tried to go to Tennessee to visit James's family, but after long discussions and a hard look at our budget, it was clear that a trip just wasn't in the cards for us.  We could, however, afford to fly them to us!  This would cut out the hotel, rental car, and much of the food costs.  Also, Brittany and Brandon had never been on an airplane and we were happy to fly them out. :)  James's Mom isn't comfortable flying and chose to stay in Tennessee, but we were thrilled to have the twins and their friend Tasha out anyway.

We picked them up from the airport early this afternoon and then headed to Tacoma to pick up food at one of my favorite places; Wingers!  They only have one here in Washington, and while I didn't appreciate the place much in Utah, I'm a big fan of them here.  I was happy to show up to eat, but when we pulled in the parking lot was dangerously empty.  It was relatively early though, so that could explain the lack of patrons.

We hopped out of the car and headed into the building which was open.  In the lobby there a single man wearing a coat.  He gave us a huge smile.

"Hi!  I'm John."  He shook my hand.

I blinked.

"Uhh,  I'm Kara... Nice to meet you."

The rest of the party shuffled in behind us and John stood politely to the side, rubbing his hands together.

"Seems just as cold in here as it is outside!"  He said jovially, giving another big grin as i looked for someone to seat us.

The place was silent.  I stood there completely confused, staring at the desk that should have someone behind it with a stack of Wingers menus spread in an arch across the top.  I glanced around the restaurant, but noticed no waiters.. in fact, no people at all.  Several moments had gone by with all of us standing awkwardly, and John politely standing to the side, watching us with that big smile, though admittedly it was beginning to fade.  Suddenly something seemed to click and he laughed.

"Wait... are you guys here to eat?"

I looked at him hard and said.

"Well... yeah.."

He laughed then, a genuine laugh.

"The restaurant has been closed for over a year!"

"What?"  Though this didn't really surprise me... it wasn't totally making sense as we were there standing in the restaurant and it looked like it had been in operation not moments before we walked in.

John thought this whole thing was hilarious.

"I'm a Real Estate Agent!"  he explained between chortles.  "I'm supposed to be meeting a group here right now to show the place,  I just figured you were them!"

I started laughing too.

"Well, that would explain the lack of staff!"

He politely escorted us out and we all laughed around at the coincidence that he just happened to be there at the exact time we wanted to eat, leading to the perfect storm.  I can also say that I was particularly embarrassed that I didn't notice the place was closed, though in my defense, it looked pretty open to me!

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