Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today, while listening to conference I decided that I was going to compile all of my e-mails to James into a word document that I could use as a sort of Journal. I've been meaning to do this for quite awhile. As I write to him almost every day, it really is a great way to keep a journal - without keeping a journal! I just finished with 2009, and it's 113 pages! I was in shock! Anyway, while sorting through I found several entries that made me smile. They are a bit long, but I find them funny, I hope you do as well!



I'll have you know my sweet that I just hauled my comfortable butt OUT of bed to come write you an e-mail. You better be grateful! I know you are though, so that makes me happy. It just means that you get another e-mail from your wonderful wife. Me! So today started out pretty lame. I woke up this morning to a full on blizzard... which was horrible because of course, I had to go to church. Can't ditch out on leading the music! Or teaching my blasted sunbeams! Anyway, so I dragged my sick (I'm on my period too, YAY) lazy butt out of bed and get dressed in a hurry so that I can leave early for church and right as I'm about to walk out the door I get a call from the missionaries: "Hey sister mooneyham, think you can go drive down this road that nobody ever drives on in the snow because it is super steep and twisty and pretty much a death sentence to anyone who drives on it, to pick up the this girl for church?" And what do I say? "It will make me late." They reply that they will lead the music for me if I don't make it ontime. So guess who is suckered into taking the deadliest road ever to pick up some chick? Me. Terrified, but thankful I have the Tahoe, I head out. I get the girl with only moderate slipping and sliding. I prayed aloud just about the entire time... afterall, I was doing the lords work; he HAD to protect me! Sure enough, I get her and we make it to church in one piece, though I walk into sacrament meeting ten minutes late only to see that they DON'T have anyone to lead. They wave frantically at me and I ditch my stuff on the nearest bench and run up to the front just as the organist finishes her intro... she started it as soon as she saw me. So I open to the page of a song that I REALLY didn't pick out and have to figure out how to lead it as we go alone. Ok whatever, not the best start but I'll survive. Song two was easy.. and also one that I didn't pick. Song three was great.. but super difficult to lead, and the organist, bless her heart followed my every move. (BAD IDEA, YOU PLAY, I'LL FOLLOW!) my regular organist and I have this down to a science. Anyway, so after the entire congregation figures out that I don't know what I'm doing and start singing their own tune (I swear that it really happened. I wanted to cry) Finally it ended... and the last song was absolute cake. So the second hour starts and honey.. it was amazing. NO SUNBEAMS! Half our congregation was gone because of the snow and apparently I have less active families in my sunbeams because not a single one was there! YES!! Anyway, it gave me an opportunity to talk to the missionaries and the girl I brought to church and I got to hang out in relief society. It was fantastic.....

It continued, but it got mushy, so I'll leave that part out. Haha.


(I'm starting this e-mail mid way through too)

.... Today was sad. I had to take my mom to the airport. She came on my dog walk with me, and met that bulldog. It was really fun. We went out to Scenic Beach and the tide was way way out. So it smelled all gross and the rocks were all barnacle-y... if that is a word. So mom and I were just meandering up the beach in the manner that you hate when I almost stepped on one of those pig plushy blobby looking starfish. You know, the purple ones. Anyway, after shrieking in my typical manner when I see sea creatures we realized that there were starfish EVERYWHERE. Seeing movement beneath a rock I decided to kick it over, and you know what I found?! CRABS - not the sexually transmitted disease of course - It was AWESOME! Okay, so really it was terrifying. Combine tiny spiderlike size with swift skittering abilities and my 'favorite' crustacean and you can only imagine what my first response was when that first rock was flipped and all the creepy critters scattered. Yeah. I pretty much screamed like a banshee, and maybe I didn't run a half-mile (which you TOTALLY exagerate by the way) loop around my mom and the rock in question, but it definitely gave me a scare. But the adrenaline was great, so we spent the next hour flipping rocks and shrieking when the crab babies went nuts. In other words. We had a blast! We got squirted a few times by burrowing sea creatures, which was surprising and also terrifying, but I suppose I survived. After Scenic Beach, we hit the Airport and I dropped mom off and then came home. I read that book and watched some shows and had dinner with Tina and Dale. It was fun. :) Anyway baby, I'm off to bed. I love you with every fiber of my soul and I can't wait to see you. MUAH.

Forever yours,


I hope you weren't too bored! But I thought they were funny and they made me smile! Also, as a follow up. Inspite of my lame attitude, the girl that I picked up from church that day was baptized this past weekend. I'm so proud of our missionaries and the work they have put into that girl for the past year.

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