Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've seen several different sorts of blogs out there. And I'm always drawn to the ones where I'm not looking at the cute crafts, but rather reading the stories about their lives. I blog-stalk several navy wives, one ex-navy wife, and a few horseback riders. I stalk people's pets, and their kids. In the end, sometimes I just can't get enough stories. Maybe it just comes with being a writer. You want more to write with and their stories get added to my repertoire. Either way, I've decided that I need to do less pictures - and more ranting. Besides, I could benefit from a good outlet, it's not as if I have my husband here to listen to my whining!

1. If you get to do something snazzy. Don't rub it in. It seems all week I've had to deal with people telling me how excited they are to do things that I can't do. "Oh, you and your husband had a great Anniversary dinner? I'm so excited for you." "You get to go to Hawaii? Awesome." "You just won $4,000 at the casino? Splendid." It's not saying that I wont be able to do these things, and I'm ashamed to say that I am guilty of the second complaint, of not more than a month ago. But did I really rub it in?! Maybe I did, and for all of you whose toes I crushed? I'm sorry. Seriously, I'm never telling anyone about my great news. Or maybe I'm just over reacting, and maybe i'm just horrible and bitter, but dude, have a little consideration for those of us stuck at home, not gambling, or with out their husbands!

2. Sometimes I just don't feel like cleaning. My house, at this moment, is a disaster. For those of you who knew me while I was growing up - my definition of disaster has changed a bit. My house looks nothing like my room did in high school, and in general, it's clean. But right now, it's messier than it's been in months... no. Years. There are clothes upstairs and down in various baskets, there are blankets everywhere (honestly, why did I think I needed so many?!) loose socks, books, papers, etc... But I'm exhausted! I worked all weekend, I haven't had more than an hour here and there off in who knows how long. And yes I know I've had all sorts of trips - Missouri, Hawaii, Ember came to stay, but those aren't breaks. Vacations and visitors are nice - but they aren't very good about really making people relax. In general, trips are stressful! And the last thing I want to do when I get home is clean. I want to SLEEP. My house will be clean tomorrow - I've had enough of the mess and I'm ready to overhaul, but for heavensakes I REFUSE to feel guilty because my house got messy for a few days! It's not the end of the world.

3. Just because I miss church for a few weeks, it doesn't mean I'm inactive. I love my ward. They are wonderful. All of them. But as I listed above, I have been going on several trips in the last month or two. Well, for someone who has not one but TWO very important callings, my absence is -always- noticed. I got more "Welcome back!" "It's so good to see you Sister Mooneyham!" and "Been busy?" in church this week then I've ever heard in my entire life! Not that I mind, it makes it obvious that I've been missed, but sometimes I feel guilty enough about missing, can't I just slide by under the radar once? Oh well, I shouldn't complain, I got to see my visiting teacher and my Home Teachers both this week, and everyone knows I could use the company (messy house or no).

Last, but not least.

4. Never write something like THIS at the end of an email:

Third, I have some huge news to tell you and I can't go into details. Just keep as much money in our account as possible. Thanks."

When I got my *one* e-mail from my husband, I was more excited than I can express. Until I got to the end of course. And now I am just extremely happy that I will be speaking with him this weekend, because if I have to wait another month to get that news I'm going to be hunting down that Submarine myself! I'll keep you all updated... if I can.

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Tanya said...

Kara, I think I know what it is.... are you going on another trip???? To TN? I wish I could be there to meet you and see how James is doing, although im sure hes doing great with a great wife like you! If im wrong then im curious bc that is all I have heard... Talk to you soon, Tanya (your sis in law)