Thursday, January 14, 2010

Confessions of a Book worm

I am a book worm. I can admit it.

I forget relatively often about how much I love to read. I have tons of books, I bought a book shelf that still doesn't hold all of my books. My husband brings me home books by the boxful, and i can't get enough of them. But, as a true book worm, I get offended if someone doesn't enjoy the book that I recommend. I know I shouldn't, but this is why I'm confessing my problems!

If I genuinely recommend a book it's because I love it, and I hate when people say they are going to read - and then don't. Or start another book instead. Or, heaven forbid, read it and hate it.


It's a nasty issue, and one that I need to get over.

Here's to the future of positive book sharing! I CAN DO IT.

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