Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crazy little thing called love...


As of today, James and I have officially been married for TWO years. A huge milestone - I know. For the first time we actually get to spend our anniversary together. I consider myself lucky. Although he missed our first anniversary by a scant 4 days, there is just something special about truly being able to celebrate the day in all it's glory. So many Military wives get so few anniversaries or any holidays. I think James and I have lucked out that we got this year together and I intend to take full advantage. Last year I remember thinking: 'The important thing is that we've made it a year! It's okay that he isn't here right now - because the next time I see him, we will have been married for OVER a year, and isn't that even better?' Well... to be honest... No, it's not better. It was pretty lame having to spend my first anniversary alone.

Oh well! We are totally into the 'holiday' spirit now. I had already decided to get him an anniversary present that I know he will love. In true girl fashion I heavily hinted that he should go get me something too. James isn't much of a 'let's surprise each other' guy - but he made a HUGE effort this time and actually went out and got me something that he insists I will love. He's even worried that he set too high of a standard for himself... so the next 50 years are going to be a lot harder haha. I'm excited and completely clueless as to what he got me, though unable to resist he hinted that i have to wear it out to dinner tomorrow.... so we'll see. :)

As for James, well.. if you can all keep a secret I'll tell you his surprise gift. See James loves a game called Mass Effect. Easily one of his favorite video games. Well - I HATE it. As a whole I enjoy games, but man this one can get boring. Anyway, the much anticipated sequel to Mass Effect comes out when? Today. Our anniversary. He insisted that we had to go get it today and I put my foot down. "Absolutely not! This is our ANNIVERSARY. I will NOT share it with a game." My poor unsuspecting husband is on Duty tonight - so I went out to the Midnight release party (this is love) and bought him the game. *sigh* probably dooming myself to hours of watching him play the second most boring game (nothing could be worse than the original) in the world. But at least I can snuggle up to him while he plays. To throw him off I also got Transformers 2 and I put the game in a Mr and Mrs. Smith DVD case so that he will actually have to pull out the 'movie' to see the game. I'll let you know how long it takes him to figure it out. :)

As for now I will leave you all with two very important things about my wonderful husband in honor of our two year anniversary:

1. I have never met a man so willing to give up everything he holds dear because someone needs him. I'm humbled every day to be able to know someone so special, and I will continually strive to be the sort of woman he can be proud of.

2. These past two years of marriage have been the best two years of my entire life. I truly found someone I could consider a soul mate. He understands me so well and knows exactly what to do to keep me happy - I only hope I do the same for him!

I love you James!

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