Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photos and Fun!

Recently I took a trip to Port Angeles with Jenny and her two kids, Nivek and Mackenzie. We had a great time! I found out that fly fishing here in Washington involves catching 10lb steelhead and that Hurricane Ridge is so high that we had to drive through clouds to get to the top! We also got to see all of the hot Twilight spots, like the place that Bella ordered her mushroom raviolli when Edward told her he was 'special'. They even have a dish on the menu called "Bella's Mushroom Raviolli" Who knew?! We stopped and saw Red on the way and got these precious pictures that were touched up by myself and Tina - the third member of our neighbor trio.

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Lacy said...

sorry i'm such a craptastic sister in law. i will call. i will. i wish i was in P.A. I want to go to swaynes. And more, i'd be your neighbor.